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Cantina Bianchini

On the 18th of October 1941 the wine production of the present farm "La Collina" began; this was the result of agricultural activities born in the previous century, characterised by grape, olive and fruit growing. Mr. Augusto Bianchini (1915-1992) was the first who also created olive-tree cultivations and spread the result of this activity in the provincial territory. At present the family tradition is going on; this is witnessed by the existence of a very technological cellar and modern equipment of orchards, vineyards and olive-groves.


Winemaking in Italy is an art passed down through generations, with vineyards spanning the country’s diverse terroirs. From the care of the vines to the meticulous fermentation process, Italian wines embody craftsmanship. The various regions contribute to the rich variety of flavors, making Italian wines coveted globally.